Laser cutting

Laser cutting and engraving offer many advantages and allow high productivity: high speed, very precise work, little or no material deformation, no tooling required, no direct contact with the material, process safety and automation ...


Laser cutting is versatile as it is suitable for many materials: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood, plastics, etc... Whatever the size of the parts required. 


Laser technology has many applications in the industrial sector (aeronautics, transport, furniture, etc.) but also in decoration, architecture, advertising, art, etc. 

LASER cutting equipment of MÉCANUMÉRIC

MECALASE, ideal for cutting acrylic, other plastics and thin steels.


MECALASE CNC laser cutting equipment is optimised for acrylic, plastics, wood and derivatives. The economical operating costs and the long time between gas refills make it a valuable asset.


LASEC, cutting (vector mode) and engraving (raster mode) for plastics, wood, leather ...


Able to perform vector cutting and engraving in raster mode, the CNC laser cutting machine LASEC is optimised for several materials: plastics, synthetic resins, wood and wood products, leather, soft stone, marble, granite (engraving only), mineral glass (engraving only), fabric and cardboard.

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